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New Arrivals

Timber Prices

Fence Boards

1.2m x 100mm x 15mm £1.34

1.5m x 125mm x 15mm £1.65

1.8m x 150mm x 15mm £2.05


3.6m 75mm x 40mm £5.94


1.8m x 75mm x 75mm £5.25

2.4m x 100mm x 75mm £8.68

3.0m x 100mm x 75mm £12.00

Slim Sleepers

2.6m x 250 x 65mm £25.50

Gravel Boards

1.2m x 150mm 22mm £1.90

Redwood Tongue & Groove Floor boards

135mm x 21 x 4.8m £20.16


50mm x 25mm x 4.8m £4.67

All WOOD Prices include VAT

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